United States Brain Health Supplements Market SIZE AND SHARE ANALYSIS - GROWTH TRENDS AND FORECASTS (undefined)

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United States Brain Health Supplements Market Trends

Market Driver – Rising Incidence of Depression, Stress, and Other Mental Health Conditions

The rising incidence of mental health issues such as depression and stress among Americans is fueling the growth of the brain health supplements market in the United States. In the past decade, there has been a significant increase in the number of people suffering from depression and other mood disorders. According to the data from US National Institute of Mental Health, over 17 million Americans suffered from depression in 2020. Additionally, National Alliance on Mental Illness states that nearly 1 in 5 American adults live with a mental illness.

The increasing prevalence of stress and depression is mainly driven by many factors like busy lifestyles, economic uncertainty, social isolation due to pandemic etc. As per statistics by American Psychological Association, major causes for stress among Americans are work, the economy, family responsibilities and health concerns. The mental health crisis combined with growing health-consciousness among consumers has boosted the demand for brain health supplements. Products containing vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts that claim to alleviate stress, anxiety, improve cognitive abilities are finding more customers.

Market Driver – Increasing Adoption of Strategies Such as Product Launches by Key Players

The United States brain health supplements market has been witnessing significant growth over the past few years. One of the major factors contributing to this growth has been the increasing number of new product launches by some of the prominent brands in this sector. Several leading supplement companies have recently launched innovative products targeting various aspects of brain health such as memory support, focus and concentration, mood regulation, neuroprotection and more.

For example, Naturelo, one of the top brain health supplement brands in the US, launched its new line of Theracurmin supplements in 2020 containing highly bioavailable curcumin for reducing brain inflammation and enhancing cognitive functions. Similarly, Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra, which contains a unique blend of nootropics, omega-3s and vitamins, saw tremendous growth after its launch in late 2021. As per the company, sales increased by over 35% year-on-year. Such successful product launches are helping create more awareness among consumers about specific benefits of different brain-boosting ingredients like curcumin, phosphatidylserine etc. which is driving overall category growth.

Market Challenge – Lack of Regulations

Lack of regulations is significantly restraining the growth of the United States brain health supplements market. Unlike the stringent regulations imposed on pharmaceutical drugs, the dietary supplement industry currently operates under very loose regulations in the US. Manufacturers are not required to register their products with the FDA or prove the efficacy or safety of their products before marketing them. This leads to inconsistencies in quality control and standardization of ingredients between different manufacturers. Many supplements flooding the market make questionable claims without sufficient scientific evidence backing them. This erodes consumer trust in the category as a whole.

With no established guidelines around permissible ingredients, purity levels, dosages or labeling norms, consumers find it challenging to discern high quality products from ones that may not deliver on promised benefits or could potentially interact negatively with prescription medications. This regulatory ambiguity creates confusion regarding the actual benefits that consumers can expect from these supplements. Several low-grade products with misleading label claims also undermine the credibility of efficacious products with research backing their ingredients.

United States Brain Health Supplements Market Key Factors

Market Opportunity – Increasing Use of Brain Health Supplements

The increasing use of brain health supplements in the United States presents a major opportunity for growth in this market. As baby boomers enter their senior years and life expectancies continue rising, more Americans are looking to support their cognitive function through supplements. Between 2020-2023, around 10,000 Americans turned 65 every day according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, and this graying population is increasingly concerned with maintaining brain health.

Supplements containing nutrients and compounds that may help cognition, such as omega-3s, antioxidants, vitamins B and E, are in high demand. According to a 2022 Gallup poll, over 55% of Americans aged 55 and over report using dietary supplements daily to support brain health.

Beyond concerns over typical age-related decline, pandemic-era stress and isolation have also increased interest in supporting mood and memory. Studies from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention found between 2020-2021 nearly 40% of Americans reported symptoms of anxiety or depression, levels twice as high as pre-pandemic reports.