U.S. Gas Leak Detectors Market is Segmented By Product Type (Fixed Gas Leak Detectors, Portable Gas Leak Detectors), By Application (Industrial -Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Power Generation, Commercial Establishment-Shopping Malls, Hotels & Restaurant, Other. Residential, Others), By Technology (Electrochemical, Infrared, Semiconductor/MOS, Ultrasonic, Others). The report offers the value (in USD million) for the above-mentioned segments.

U.S. Gas Leak Detectors Market Trends

  • Integration of Advanced Technology: Many manufacturers are focused on development of gas detectors incorporated with advanced features and novel technologies such as artificial neutral network (ANN) and Internet of Things (IoT), in order to make gas detectors highly efficient. For instance, in February 2020, IntelliView Technologies Inc. Specializes in developing AI-powered vision IoT solutions focused primarily on the petroleum and mining industries, Launched a dual camera analytic module Methane (DCAM-M) for continuous monitoring and autonomous real-time detection and alerting of methane leaks. Moreover, General Monitor, a U.S.-based manufacturer of gas leak detectors, developed Observer-i, an ultra-sonic multiple gas leak detector, based on ANN technology platform, which can distinguish between real gas leaks and false alarms. Furthermore, in May 2021, Dragerwerk AG & Co. KGaA the company focuses on manufacturing medical devices, safety technology, and aerospace equipment, launched wireless gas detection solution for flexible and cost-efficient monitoring of plants.
  • Emergence of Drones for Gas Leak Detection: Gas leak detection systems are being increasingly incorporated with drones to include gas leak surveillance in specific areas. This is essential to reach in hazardous areas or difficult-to-reach areas where gas detection can be made possible by use of drones fitted with gas detection systems. Moreover, drones could be able to establish communication with a combination of visual and infrared views real-time, facilitating the participation of a vast number of professionals in gas detection across the world. The companies such as ULC Robotics, Viper Drones, and others offer gas leak detection drone solutions and services.

Figure 1. U.S. Gas Leak Detectors Market Share (%), by Country, 2024