Understanding customers demands is an imperative part of today’s business strategy. At CoherentMI, we deliver better services and experiences by believing in our client’s business goals. Many companies require steady on-going support for research data and market intelligence across their business functions. Our long-term engagement model is a kind of business engagement model wherein we dedicate our resources to client’s project exclusively, and resources are trained on client-specific business research. We offer research support that aligns with our client’s company structure, to offer a customized, flexible engagement model that fits their exact business requirements. Our team of experts works in direct contact with clients throughout the duration of an assignment and helps them with idea generation, optimizing the processes, strategy and sales initiatives, monitoring and coordinating and vendor management

USP of Long term Engagement Model :

  • Get dedicated skilled resources effortlessly
  • Helps keep tab on the work progress on a daily basis
  • Helps customize work according to client’s requirements
  • Anytime, anywhere access to research support
  • Better streamlined communication and standardization of processes
  • Enhanced trust and comfort
  • Quarterly updated reports
  • Continuous market monitoring

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