India Creator Economy Market is Segmented By Platform (Video, Audio, Writing, Live Streaming, Others), By Type of Creators (Independent Individual Creators, Commercial/Professional Creators, Influencer Agencies, MCNs, Others), By City Type (Metros, Tier 1 Cities, Tier 2 Cities, Tier 3 Cities and Rural), By End Use (Media & Entertainment, Education, Marketing/Advertising, Consulting, Technology, Others). The report offers the value (in USD Million) for the above-mentioned segments.

India Creator Economy Market Trends

  • Regional and Multilingual Content Gain - English content once dominated the internet but locally relevant vernacular content is rising. Comedic creators like Ashish Chanchlani present humor in relatable contexts. Top creators are collaborating with regional platforms to produce multilingual content. Even global platforms like Spotify are adding more Indian music languages. Regional creators, dialects and subcultures are gaining nationwide prominence.
  • Short Form Video Content Consumption - Short video apps have popularized snackable content optimized for mobile screens. Short form content is easier to produce and consume for creators and audiences. Brands are also experimenting with short video ad formats. Consequently, long form video creators are adapting by releasing additional shorts, trailers, reels to drive discovery. Some are compiling short videos into longer YouTube videos. Overall time spent on short form video platforms is rising exponentially.
  • Live Audio and Interactive Formats Gain Traction - Creators are expanding beyond static content formats to more interactive experiences through podcasts, live audio rooms, AMA sessions, live shopping etc. Platforms like Clubhouse, Spotify Greenroom, and Twitter Spaces are pushing audio conversations. Startups like Frnd, Good Night Live allow creators to interact with followers. These interactive formats enable closer fan-creator connections.
  • Use of AI to Boost Creativity and Efficiency - Creators are leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance their productivity. Tools like Over, Runway, Cloaca help creators ideate new visual content concepts. Other AI apps can create original music, product descriptions, text summaries etc. Automation is assisting creators improve their output quality while saving time on repetitive tasks. Advancements in generative AI will further aid individual creators on tight budgets.

Figure 1. India Creator Economy Market, Country Analysis (US$ Mn), 2023