Middle East and Central Asia Creator Economy Market SIZE AND SHARE ANALYSIS - GROWTH TRENDS AND FORECASTS (undefined)

Middle East and Central Asia Creator Economy Market is Segmented By Content Type (Videos, Live Streaming, Music, Podcasts, Blogging, Others), By Revenue Source (Advertising, Subscriptions, Merchandise, Sponsorships, Tipping/Donations, Affiliate Marketing, Others), By Platform (Video, Audio, Social Media, Ecommerce, Crowdfunding, Others) The report offers the value (in USD million) for the above-mentioned segments.

Middle East and Central Asia Creator Economy Market Trends

  • Short-form Video Content Creation: Short-form videos under 60 seconds have become hugely popular thanks to apps like TikTok and Likee. YouTube and Instagram also added support for short videos. The short format allows for easy content creation via smartphones. The length caters to dwindling attention spans of GenZ audiences. Fun challenges, lip-syncing, comedy, and influencer/brand collaborations make the content interactive. The low barriers to entry and playful creativity of short videos make it the fastest growing content segment.
  • Live Streaming Taking Off: Live streaming is gaining substantial traction both for entertainment and conversations. Gaming live streams attract huge young audiences. Instagram lives enable direct creator-fan interactions. Conversational live audio apps like Clubhouse are ideal for knowledge sharing. Live shopping featuring product demos is also an emerging format. The raw, unfiltered nature of live content and the ability to directly interact with audiences adds to its appeal. Big tech platforms as well as startups are prioritizing live broadcasts.
  • Regionalization of Platforms: Global platforms are localizing their operations to cater to Arab youth. Regional platforms like Starzplay, Anghami, and Fetchr are also gaining prominence. Their local teams, content libraries, and payment/logistics infrastructure gives them an edge in tier-2 cities. Localization also means supporting Arabic interfaces, hashtags, and search. Platforms are recruiting regional creator managers and training programs to guide local talent. All this provides better discoverability and reach for creators based in the region.
  • Emergence of Specialized Local Platforms: A range of niche apps targeting specific segments within the creator economy are emerging. These include LittleThinkers for children's content, EgyPreneur for startup advice, and FitnessOriginals for health content. By focusing on a niche, they help creators reach relevant audiences more efficiently. They also enable specialized monetization models like subscriptions for knowledge verticals. Investment in these startups indicates a maturing ecosystem catering to unique local demands beyond the broad global platforms.

Middle East and Central Asia Creator Economy Market Share (%)