India Aroma Chemicals Market SIZE AND SHARE ANALYSIS - GROWTH TRENDS AND FORECASTS (2024 - 2031) (undefined)

India Aroma Chemicals Market is Segmented By Product Type (Adaptive Dresses, Adaptive Tops & Pants), By End-User (Geriatric Population, Disabled Adults & Children). The report offers the value (in USD million) for the above-mentioned segments.

India Aroma Chemicals Market Size

Market Size in USD


Study Period2024 - 2031
Base Year of Estimation2023
Largest MarketIndia
Market ConcentrationHigh
Major PlayersInternational Flavors & Fragrance Inc., The Anthea Group, Privi Speciality Chemicals Limited, Eternis Fine Chemical Limited., S H Kelkar and Company Limited
*Disclaimer: Major players are listed in no particular order.
*Source: Coherent Market Insights
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India Aroma Chemicals Market Analysis

The India Aroma Chemicals market size is expected to reach US$ 418.6 Mn by 2031, from US$ 276.1 Mn in 2023, at a CAGR of 5.34% during the forecast period. The aroma chemicals market in India has witnessed robust growth over the past few years. India is among the leading producers and exporters of aroma chemicals globally. Some key factors propelling the growth of the India aroma chemicals market include a large domestic demand from the fragrance and flavor industry, cost competitiveness of Indian manufacturers, and recent investments in capacity expansions.

India Aroma Chemicals Market Drivers

  • Growth Of Perfumery Industry: The perfumery industry in India has experienced massive growth over the past few years owing to rising disposable incomes, increased brand consciousness among consumers, and changing lifestyle trends. This expanding perfume market has fueled the demand for aroma chemicals which are the primary components used in perfume formulations. Aroma chemicals help impart different fragrances and smells to perfumes and thus play a vital role in the perfumery business. As more Indians embrace luxury personal care products and invest in high-end fragrances from both domestic and international brands, it has increased the need for natural and synthetic aroma compounds.
  • Growing Food & Beverages Industry: The food and beverages industry in India has been witnessing strong growth over the past few years, which has significantly contributed to the rising demand for aroma chemicals. With income levels rising and lifestyles changing, consumers are increasingly looking for enhanced sensory experiences from the products they consume. Companies in the F&B sector recognize the importance of enticing consumers through attractive fragrances, flavors and tastes. This is driving them to use more aroma chemicals in formulating various food products as well as beverages. Aroma chemicals play a vital role in emulating natural flavors and in masking other flavors in food products. They also help manufacturers develop consistent flavors across different production batches. The expanding processed and packaged food market in India has particularly bolstered the usage of aroma chemicals.

India Aroma Chemicals Market Restraints

  • Synthetic Chemicals Included in Perfumes and Their Possible Health Impacts: Perfumes and colognes contain a complex mixture of chemicals, including natural and synthetic aromatic compounds, that can emit more than 100 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pose a serious threat to human health. Synthetic chemicals, such as phthalates, parabens, triclosan, salicylates, terpenes, aldehydes, benzene, toluene, styrene, and aluminum-based salts, are commonly used in perfumes and colognes and have been shown to have adverse effects on consumer health, such as asthma and allergies, cardiovascular disease, central nervous system damage, breast cancer, endocrine cancer, respiratory disorders, reproduction, thyroid, adrenal gland function, and immune system. Researchers from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) estimate that pthalates, which have been linked to breast cancer, diabetes, sperm count reduction, reproductive deformity, and disrupted hormonal activity, are present in approximately 75% of scent products. These elements might impede market expansion as a whole.
  • High Research and Development Costs: High research and development (R&D) costs are a significant factor that hinders the growth of the India aroma chemicals market. The complexity of aroma chemicals, which are highly volatile and require advanced techniques for extraction and synthesis, contributes to the high costs associated with R&D.

India Aroma Chemicals Market Opportunity

  • Growing Demand for Flavors and Fragrances In The Food And Beverage Industry: The growing demand for flavors and fragrances in the food and beverage industry is a significant factor driving the forecast for the India aroma chemicals market. The increasing consumption of packaged and convenience foods, as well as the trend toward exotic flavors and increased disposable income, have led to a surge in demand for aroma chemicals in this sector. Additionally, the Indian food industry is anticipated to become the largest food producer in the world, which further supports the growth of the aroma chemicals market.
  • Technological Advancement in The Extraction of Aroma Chemicals: The advancement in technology for the extraction of aroma chemicals is a significant growth factor in the forecast for the India aroma chemicals market. Technological innovations in this sector have led to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased availability of aroma chemicals, which are essential for various industries such as food and beverages, cosmetics, and personal care. Technological advancements in extraction methods, such as the use of green chemistry and biotechnology, have led to the development of more sustainable and cost-effective methods for producing aroma chemicals.