India Fashion Ecommerce Market SIZE AND SHARE ANALYSIS - GROWTH TRENDS AND FORECASTS (undefined)

India Fashion Ecommerce Market is Segmented By Product Type (Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Beauty and Personal Care, Jewelry, Others), By End User (Men, Women, Unisex, Kids, Others), By Price Range (Premium, Mid, Economy), By Category (Ethnic Wear, Western Wear, Sportswear, Innerwear and Loungewear, Winterwear, Formalwear, Others), y Retail Format (Marketplace Model, Inventory Model, Hybrid Model, Aggregator Model). The report offers the value (in USD billion) for the above-mentioned segments.

India Fashion Ecommerce Market Trends

  • Sustainable Fashion - Consumers globally and in India are becoming more conscious about sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. Ecommerce players are responding by adding sustainable materials and brands to their portfolio. Features like recycling old clothes, selective packaging also address responsible consumer needs.
  • Personalization and Curated Offerings -instead of overwhelming users with choices, ecommerce apps are moving towards curated offerings like daily essentials, occasion or festival specific collections, trending products etc. Personalized recommendations based on individual preferences are also gaining prominence.
  • Interactive Shopping - Ecommerce platforms are making online shopping more experiential through features like virtual trial rooms, videos by influencers on styling products, interactive product visualization in 3D. These features bridge the gap between physical and online shopping.
  • OBniChannel Integration - Blending online and offline channels is emerging as a key trend. Brands are integrating capabilities across mobile apps, websites, physical stores and social selling. OBnichannel strategies help serve consumers across touchpoints.

Figure. India Fashion Ecommerce Market, Country Analysis (US$ Bn), 2023